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This image features a vibrant and dynamic setting from The Escape Game, showcasing a group of people enthusiastically participating in an escape room challenge. The left side of the image depicts a woman with curly hair, smiling as she interacts with some of the room's puzzles. She is dressed in a casual blue sweater and stands in a room illuminated by a blue glow, hinting at the game's immersive atmosphere. Beside her, in the background, another player is focused on a separate task.

The right side of the photo shows a trio of players deeply engaged in solving clues. In the foreground, a woman with blonde hair and wearing a yellow top is intently holding a flashlight and a notepad, illuminating something of interest above her. Behind her, two additional participants are collaborating, with one looking over the shoulder of the other, who is examining an object in his hand. This snippet of the scene captures the collaborative spirit and excitement that escape rooms are known for.

The photo represents the teamwork and intrigue that guests can expect when they visit The Escape Game, all set in a thematic and thoughtfully designed environment. The players' expressions of focus and curiosity evoke the thrilling experience of working together to decode puzzles and progress through the game.

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Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Image Description: The photo depicts two individuals engaged in an escape room activity at 'The Escape Game' in Los Angeles. The environment has a futuristic theme with dim, ambient lighting that creates an immersive experience. The person on the left is wearing a green jacket and is facing towards a wall with various panels and gadgetry suggestive of a control room setting. The individual on the right, whose back is to the camera, has long, brown hair and appears to be intently observing the surroundings. The walls are adorned with red and green lit buttons and screens, adding to the intricate design of the escape room. In the background, a green exit sign is visible, illuminating the path to the doorway. offers exclusive savings on tickets to the most engaging escape room experiences at the lowest prices guaranteed. This image features a scene from an escape room experience. Two individuals, with their backs to the camera, are intently focused on a puzzle within a dimly lit room that is designed to look like a high-tech facility. One person is wearing a green shirt, and the other a blue denim jacket. The walls are adorned with various panels and one prominently displays a green-lit keypad entry. The atmosphere suggests a thrilling and immersive challenge. At the bottom of the photo, there is a watermark text that reads "© THE ESCAPE GAME LA."

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As a special ops agent, your expertise in going undercover to carry out investigations will lead you to a surprising discovery! Your typical inspection of a spice market leads you to fight against a global crisis in order to save humanity. You must unleash your technical skills and mastery as an agent to end this worldly danger! After you go through the unexpected twists and turns, you’ll discover how deep the conspiracy goes.

With a maximum of eight players per round, the Special Ops escape room takes about 60 minutes. Gather your friends for a crazy adventure with The Escape Game LA discount tickets from FunEx!

Prison Break

Image Description: This is a promotional image for "The Escape Game LA". It features three individuals engaged in what appears to be an escape room activity. On the left, a person wearing a black cap and a yellow jacket is leaning forward, attentively examining something out of the camera's view. In the middle background, another person is looking away from the camera, possibly focusing on clues within the room. On the right, a person with blonde hair styled in a bob is holding a flashlight in one hand and a smartphone in another, casting light onto an object to inspect it closely. The room is decorated with shelves filled with books and framed artwork, contributing to the ambiance of an enigmatic setting for the escape game.

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Believed to be the most high-difficulty escape room, Prison Break will challenge up to eight players per round! Starting the challenge in two 1950s prison cells, the players must work together for a successful escape. Do your best to sneak into the warden’s office for an effective breakout! The room includes genuine prison toilets to enhance everyone’s realistic experience! Be careful but be swift, or you’ll remain behind bars.

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The Depths

This image features a brightly lit, room designed to resemble the interior of a submarine with various shades of blue and yellow trim. A woman in a turquoise sweater is seen smiling at the camera, her curly hair framing her face, as she looks over her shoulder while gripping a handle on a dark metallic door with the word "DESCEND" written above it. In the background, a man in a red shirt is focused on interacting with a console that has an array of buttons and a large, circular window to the side. Overhead, signage that reads "DESCEND" matches the theme of the room, and a logo indicating "THE ESCAPE GAME LA" is visible in the bottom left corner of the image. Enjoy your next adventure with and unlock savings with our lowest prices on tickets for memorable experiences. Image Description: The photo features two individuals within a vividly detailed escape room with a futuristic theme. On the left, a woman with curly hair, wearing a teal top, is smiling and appears to be interacting with part of the room, her attention directed towards something outside the frame. On the right, a man in a red shirt is focused on a panel or device on the wall, possibly working through a clue. The room is colored in a combination of teal and grey hues, with the word "DESCEND" prominently displayed on a piece of equipment, suggesting a theme related to submersion or exploration. The logo at the bottom left corner reads "THE ESCAPE GAME LA," indicating the location of this escape room experience.

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Are you ready to discover the secrets deep in the ocean? Rumors of mysterious creatures have been going around after the disappearance of an excellent researcher, Dr. Humphreys. Dive deep into the depths to examine the abandoned laboratory and find out the truth about Dr. Humphrey’s studies. Better watch out, as you’re not alone in the deep waters.

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The Heist

This image captures a moment of exhilaration and teamwork, featuring a man and a woman at 'The Escape Game LA'. They are standing near an open, heavy wooden door with a digital screen panel above it. The lighting in the room is warm and inviting, illuminating the participants' expressions of joy and accomplishment. Both individuals are laughing, with the woman positioned in the foreground, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulders as she looks back over her shoulder towards the camera. She is wearing a salmon-pink top. The man, positioned slightly behind her, is sporting a beige jacket and a bright, engaging smile. In the background, there's a hint of elegant wall decor, suggesting a well-furnished environment that's part of the escape game setting. Experience the thrill of an escape room adventure and take advantage of exclusive discounts, savings, and the lowest prices on tickets at This image displays a joyful moment featuring two people emerging from a doorway, presumably having just completed an escape room challenge. The person in the foreground is a woman with long hair who is laughing and looking back towards the camera with a delighted expression. She is holding the door open as she steps out. The person in the background is a man, sharing in the moment of excitement, smiling broadly, and holding what appears to be a clue or a booklet relevant to the escape game. The decor suggests a well-appointed interior with traditional wooden door frames and walls that evoke a sense of intrigue and adventure fitting for an escape room setting. The logo "THE ESCAPE GAME LA" is visible in the lower portion of the image, indicating the location of the experience.

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Prepare for the ultimate art heist you will carry out! A treasured Monet painting in the Barclay Museum of Historical Art went missing and recovering it will be your task for the night. For the right reasons, the museum curator, Vincent Hahn, is believed to be the suspect. Along with other skilled players, you must stealth through the museum’s galleries and slip into Hahn’s office to obtain the painting! Hurry, before he makes it back into his office!

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Frequently Asked Questions for The Escape Game LA

  1. Where is the attraction located?

    The Escape Game LA is located at 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Space 2945, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Purchase your discount tickets from FunEx to save time and money before going on your trip!

  2. Are reservations required?

    Booking your game times online in advance is highly advised. You may purchase them at the lowest price with FunEx!

  3. Are the games wheelchair-accessible?

    All escape rooms are wheelchair-accessible! For more information, the guests may call the staff to help them choose the best game room!

  4. Are food and drinks allowed inside the games?

    No, food and beverages are not allowed inside the rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the venue.

  5. Are there after-midnight games?

    Yes! Games that start after midnight are often available.

  6. Is there an age limit?

    Young players are allowed, though the games are recommended for ages 13 and above. An adult must join with anyone that is 14 years old or younger. Any participants who are under the age of 18 also must have an adult sign a waiver.

  7. Where can I park?

    Free parking is available for the first hour and will have a fee of $4 for the next 1 to 1.5 hours.

  8. Is rescheduling possible?

    Yes, rescheduling your games is possible up to 4 hours before your reserved time.

  9. When should I arrive for my game?

    Kindly arrive ten minutes before your game time for check-in. Don’t forget to bring your The Escape Game LA discount tickets from FunEx!

  10. Will I be really locked into a room?

    You will be in a room with a locked door. However, there is an exit button available on each of them. You may leave the room if you ever feel the need to do so.

Last updated November 21, 2023.

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