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Colorful indoor play area with vibrant walls, floor, and decorations. Features include a large, stripe-painted zebra figure, cartoon-style wall art, interactive exhibits, and tables for activities. People, possibly families, are engaging with the exhibits and each other under bright lighting. A colorful indoor children's play area bustling with activity. Brightly painted walls with playful animal and cartoon-like figures create a vibrant backdrop to various play stations. Kids engage with hands-on exhibits while adults supervise. Features include a zebra-striped sculpture, interactive floor games, and educational displays. The atmosphere is lively and cheerful, catering to a young audience's imagination and learning.

What is the Discovery Children’s Museum?

The non-profit DISCOVERY Children's Museum provides visitors from all over the world and families from southern Nevada with a one-of-a-kind experience. With over thirty years of operation, they have made children's needs for play, exploration, inspiration, belonging, and distinctive learning experiences the top priorities at the museum

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Exhibits and Activities at the Discovery Children’s Museum

The museum holds so much activities and experiences for the little ones! Come visit to explore and enjoy all of these!

Discovery Lab

Help your children discover the inner maker in them! In this space dedicated to learning and creating anything that they may ever imagine, dive into the thought-provoking processes behind multiple creations! They are equipped with cutting-edge technology that are sure to amaze all ages – from laser cutters, 3D printers, to a kiln, you will get to explore your children’s niche and have them try out sewing, sculpting, ceramics, painting, and so much more. Here you will also find workshops and camps presented by the community’s artists, engineers, and tinkerers.

The Summit

Looking for more of a more physically centered activity? The Summit is a 70-foot tower at about 2,200 square feet composed of 12 levels that ascend all three floors of the museum! There are various climbing structures and interactive science exhibits found on each level. This exhibit is all about the WOW effect, from the bottom level where children can raise an actual vehicle using a huge lever to the Summit's top where they can see Downtown Las Vegas.

A collage shows various scenes from a lively children's museum. On the left, two children pose in costumes, in the center, an adult in a superhero costume interacts at the entrance, and on the right, the museum facade with arched windows under a clear sky is visible. The place exudes creativity and fun for all age groups. The image is a collage of three photos. On the left, two children dressed as superheroes stand in front of a museum entrance with a sign that reads 'DISCOVERY'. The middle photo shows two costumed figures posing playfully outside the same museum. The right photo is an exterior view of the museum with reflective glass windows and signage that includes 'Donald W. Reynolds' and 'Children's Museum'. The sky is blue with some clouds.

Fantasy Festival

If your kid feels like living the pirate’s life for a day, consider the Fantasy Festival in the Discovery Children’s Museum! They can do activities like shooting cannonballs, sail the seas, and even play as kings, queens, princes and princesses. The stunning Riseman Family Theatre, complete with a working lighting and audio booth, is housed in this gallery.

The image is split into two scenes. On the left, a young child in a pirate costume stands aboard a wooden ship structure, playfully wielding a sword. The right scene shows two children from behind, engaging with a flight simulator, as they appear to command a virtual airplane towards a runway under a sunset sky. The word DISCOVERY is partially visible, suggesting an educational setting. The image is split into two sections. On the left, a young child dressed in a pirate costume holds onto a wooden ship wheel, pretending to steer. The right side shows three children from behind looking at a large screen simulating an airplane cockpit view during flight, suggesting they are engaging in a flight simulation experience. Both scenes depict interactive and imaginative play environments.

Eco City

This environmentally-friendly Eco City is found on the second floor, where kids get to experience earning a paycheck and becoming contributing members of the community. Find the Las Vegas Airport, Smiths, Wells Fargo, a mini Allegiant Stadium and more featuring opportunities to learn about green living!

Image showing two contrasting scenes through different window views. On the left, a group of children is engaged in arts and crafts with an adult overseeing the activity at a table filled with purple containers. On the right, a colorful theatre stage where a child wearing a red dress and another in a casual outfit are dancing and striking a pose, with an audience silhouette in the foreground. The backdrop is a cartoon-styled cityscape. Bright lighting illuminates both areas. The logo  DISCOVERY  is visible on This image is split into two scenes. On the left, children sit at a table engaging in an educational activity with an instructor. The environment suggests a classroom setting, decorated with colorful drawings. On the right, a girl poses on a stage with curtains, a spotlight on her, as if in the middle of a performance or presentation, with a few spectators in the foreground watching attentively.

Water World

There is absolutely no need to bring swimsuits for this part! They will be providing cute hooded raincoats (with mouse ears, of course) as the kids splash around and learn about the movement of water.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Discovery Children’s Museum

  1. Are reservations required?

    Reservations are not required, but pre-purchase of tickets are encouraged prior to your visit to secure your spot.

  2. Where is the Discovery Children’s Museum located?

    Find the museum at 360 Promenade Place, Las Vegas, NV 89106.

  3. What are the hours of the museum?

    Visit on Tuesdays–Saturdays: 10am–5pm, on Sundays: 12pm–5pm. They are open on Mondays as well during holidays, winter, and spring break. Closed on the following holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Day

  4. Is there free parking?

    Parking is free in the DISCOVERY parking garage.

  5. Can the kids be dropped off?

    No, children must be accompanied by a parent or caretaker at all times. For kids older than 13, they do not need to be accompanied, but the adult must be inside the building.

  6. Can adults come in without children?

    Of course! Please remember to leave an ID at the door when visiting without a child.

  7. Are strollers allowed inside the Discovery Children’s Museum?

    Yes! Stroller parking is right next to Toddler Town on the first floor.

  8. Are wheelchair and stroller rentals available?

    No, but there is a free wheelchair available on a first come first served basis.

Last updated January 23, 2024.

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