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NEW: Wild Holidays 2023!

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Transform your holiday season with a visit to Safari Park like never before! Embark on a festive journey during Wild Holidays, where the park sparkles with lights and brims with holiday charm. As you travel across this enchanted setting, you'll be greeted by dazzling displays and the melodies of holiday tunes, creating an atmosphere of pure seasonal joy!

Indulge in an array of tasty seasonal treats that promise to delight your senses as you explore. Wild Holidays offers an unforgettable experience on select nights from November 24 to December 31, 2023!

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Don't miss this opportunity to see Safari Park in a whole new, festive light, where holiday spirit and the wild wonders of nature come together in a spectacular celebration! Secure your discounted Safari Park tickets from FunEx today!

Festive Lights and Decorations

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Experience the holiday transformation at Safari Park during Wild Holidays, where the entire park comes alive with festive cheer! From the dazzling Light Up the Holidays show at Safari Base Camp to the enchanting Wild Holidays Celebration Tree, every corner sparkles with seasonal magic!

Stroll through the Bridge of Lights, a musical tunnel aglow with radiance, and wander along the Nairobi Lantern Walk, where lanterns dance to a holiday soundtrack. The Enchanted Lagoon shimmers with flickering lights, adding to the beauty of the lighted waterfall.

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

In every direction, from the Spirit of the Season at Tiger Trail to the luminous Forest of Color and the festively lit World Gardens, Safari Park glows with the warmth and wonder of the holiday season, creating a breathtaking festive environment for all to enjoy!

Interactive Experiences

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets
  • ‘Twas the Night before Wild Holidays (Nairobi Village):

    Engage with Safari Parker’s interactive holiday storytelling.

  • Santa at Safari Base Camp (Safari Base Camp):

    Capture a special moment with Santa!

  • Firefly Stilt Walkers (Nairobi Village):

    Encounter glowing performers strolling through the night!

Musical Experiences

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Safari Park's Wild Holidays transforms into a melodious wonderland with a variety of musical experiences! The elegant sounds of the Turtle Doves violin duo resonate through Nairobi Village, offering classical renditions of holiday favorites!

Adding to the festive ambiance, the Holiday Troubadour roams with his guitar, inviting guests to sing along to beloved holiday tunes. Over at Tiger Trail and beyond, the Sweater Weather duo brings a unique twist to classic songs with their engaging guitar and percussion performances.

Each musical act contributes to the joyful spirit of the season, creating a harmonious backdrop that perfectly complements the park's festive transformation! Secure your discounted Safari Park tickets today!

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

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What is San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a huge wildlife sanctuary that is home to more than 3000 animals, representing more than 400 wild and endangered species, and also houses more than 3500 different types of plants. The park is 1800 acres big, but approximately 900 acres of it is set aside as a protected habitat for native species. The park is located in San Diego, California in the San Pasqual Valley.

 You most certainly will have the time of your life once you get the chance to learn about so many different kinds of fascinating animals! You will learn so many surprising, fun, and interesting facts about exotic animals from your tour guide, that you won't want to miss any of it! Jump in an open-air safari truck and explore the savanna reserve. Observe and learn about wild animals such as giraffes, tigers, rhinos, elephants, and cheetahs. You can also sign up for some animal encounters and visit Walkabout Australia, a habitat for Australian animals like sugar gliders, kangaroos, and wallabies!

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What to consider before buying your San Diego Safari Park tickets

  1. Don't forget to charge your phones and cameras.

    There are so many sights to see at the park that you will not want to miss out on all the post-worthy pictures you can take! Make sure to bring a fully charged phone or camera with a lot of storage space for all the photos!

  2. Download the San Diego Zoo Safari Park App on your phone.

    Their app has a map of the whole park, so navigating the park has never been easier! Plus, you can add animals you would like to see, dining and shopping options to your personalized day planner, as well as see the zoo’s schedule for the day.

  3. Choose the best day to visit

    Before booking your discount tickets, make sure to check the weather reports and forecasts for that day so that rainy weather does not ruin your plans. Plan ahead and save time!

  4. Don’t forget to bring a mask.

    Everyone is welcome at the park, but masks are highly recommended for everyone while indoors and are required for those who are unvaccinated, so be sure to pack one, just in case.

  5. Get an amazing discount on San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets!

    Visit FunEx’s website to get the best deal for your buck. Did you know that FunEx even offers 2-Visit passes on discounted San Diego Safari Park tickets?

Enjoy these fabulous attractions at San Diego Zoo Safari Park and enjoy the amazing feeling of being transported through the African Safari! You’ll be able to see and learn how these animals live – and live an unforgettable experience while you see them get closer!

What safaris can I choose from in San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

The park offers many activities, such as the Conservation Carousel, an Africa Tram, a hot air balloon safari, many shopping options, and dining. The park also hosts events like weddings, teen and youth programs, school dances, picnics, and team celebrations. Wouldn't it be great to book your discount tickets now to explore this unbelievable place?

Get ready for a great adventure and so much fun that the available safaris have to offer! Go explore the Savanna!

Please note that these Safaris require separate tickets at the park and are not included in your FunEx tickets.

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets
  1. Flightline Safari

    You can soar the Flightline Safari, get ready to zipline 130 feet above the ground, while enjoying an amazing view of giraffes, rhinos, and other wildlife from the savanna underneath you.

  2. Roar and Snores Safari

    Have you ever imagined having a sleepover adventure at the park? Well, you can! The sleepover safari includes guided walks, camp activities, an after-hours visit to the animals, dinner, breakfast, and an evening snack. This adventure may be booked directly at the park.

  3. Ultimate Safari

    If you choose this Safari, you get a customized visit to the park tailored to what you want to see. Each Ultimate Safari tour takes up to five hours and includes lunch. This adventure is not included in your FunEx tickets.

    San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets
  4. Sun Up Cheetah Safari

    During this early morning safari, a guide at the park will introduce you to the wildlife and take you to Shiley's Cheetah Run where you will get the rare opportunity to watch a cheetah run at an unbelievably high speed. This adventure is not included in your FunEx tickets.

  5. Cart Safaris

    During this safari, you can relax in your safe safari cart and enjoy a 60-minute guided tour inside the savanna habitat. The guide will talk about the animals in the park and the park’s conservation efforts.

  6. Behind-the-Scenes Safari

    After buying San Diego Safari Park tickets, you can choose to go on this guided tour to get a special sneak peek of normally off-limits areas of the park and into the lives of the animals and their caretakers.

  7. Wildlife Safari

    Venture into one of the biggest savanna habitats in the city in an open-air truck and get a great view of many fascinating birds and mammals, including some of their newborns!This experience is an add-on, and is not included in your FunEx tickets.

Animals and Gardens

Learn more about the wonderful creatures and greenery at the Safari Park.

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets


The following listed animals are just a few of the many animals in the Zoo. To see the complete list of animals, you can check out the official website selecting the "Wildlife" tab and clicking on "View All."

Abdim's Stork

In some areas of Africa, the Abdim's stork is known as the grasshopper bird due to its love for eating grasshopper swarms.

African Rhinos

The black and white rhino inhabit eastern and southern Africa, and both are the same color—a brownish gray.

Andean Cock-of-the Rock

Males of this species are noticeable due to their bright plumage and extensive attraction displays.


The horns of every antelope are unique. In certain species, they are exclusively seen in the males, whereas in others, they are shared by both sexes.

Arabian Oryx

Many Arabian oryx have been reintroduced in Oman and Jordan after being extinct in the wild.

Bald Eagle

Bald eagles like a diet high in fish; thus, it makes sense that they would make their home near the water.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep have incredible climbing abilities, impressive horns, and the ability to survive in some of the world's most hazardous environments.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing owls build their nests in abandoned prairie dog tunnels or rattlesnake dens instead of the tree hollow most owls choose as their home.


Butterflies go through three life stages—larval, pupal, and adult. Their extraordinary eyes, which contain thousands of lenses, can detect ultraviolet light, and identify blooms.

California Condor

Indigenous communities across North America revere the California condor as a powerful symbol. According to folklore, its vast wingspan causes thunder to roll over the sky whenever it flies.

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets


A camel can match the speed of a horse, and it can go for incomparably long stretches without needing to eat or drink.


Cheetahs, the world's fastest cats, are skinny and long. Because of their built-in ability to sprint over short distances, they can seize prey that might otherwise elude other large cats.


Observing coaties go about their day gives new meaning to the expression "living in the moment." The experts caring for the animals at the Safari Park use this feature by strategically concealing treats for the animals' discovery.

Crowned Crane

The crowned crane is a large bird with a "crown" of stiff, golden feathers that add to its regal appearance. Predators in the thick savanna grasses are no match for their long legs, neck, and exceptional peripheral eyesight.

Dik Dik

Adult dik-diks, a species of African antelope, weigh just 6 to 13 pounds. Their alarm calls are the source of their unique moniker.


Duikers are secretive and difficult to spot. Because duikers frequently dive into dense underbrush for food, they were given the Afrikaans/Dutch word for "diver" or "diving buck."

Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian vulture is among the small number of tool-using animal species. This intelligent bird can pick out the ideal-sized pebble to put on an ostrich egg, causing it to split open and quickly gulp out what's inside.


Traveling to Africa is one option, but seeing African elephants up close and personal is really easy at the Safari Park!


Three of the six flamingo species are found in the Safari Park, also home to the biggest population of larger flamingos in North America.


The giraffe is the tallest land animal, allowing it to reach Africa's topmost acacia tree leaves for a tasty snack.


The gorilla is the largest primate, even larger than monkeys, apes, lemurs, ape-like simian-like apes, chimpanzees.

Greater One-Horned Rhino

Commonly called "armor-plated," the skin of the greater one-horned rhino has many folds that give the animal its distinctive appearance.


The hamerkop is a wading bird native to Africa's forests and marshes, where it builds its huge, dome-shaped nest.


Learn more about the wonderful creatures and greenery at the Safari Park.

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Herb Garden

Volunteers created and maintained the Herb Garden, making it a pleasant place to stroll around whether you're new to the world of herbs or a seasoned expert.

Baja Garden and Old World Succulent Garden

The Old World Succulent Garden and the Baja Garden, two oasis-like collections of unique plants in the Safari Park, live up to the park’s promise of an incredible activity.

Epiphyllum Trail

More than 600 of these unexpected plants and their stunning, eye-catching spring blossoms may be seen along the Epiphyllum Trail between Walkabout Australia and Condor Ridge in the Safari Park.

Bonsai Pavilion

Learn about a forest full of tiny trees. Bonsai is a living art form presented in the Safari Park's Bonsai Pavilion.

What other activities are in San Diego Safari Park?

The park has so many fun options. With the purchase of San Diego Zoo Safari Park discount tickets, you will be able to go on an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets
  1. Conservation Carousel

    In San Diego Zoo Safari Park, you can find the classic carousel ride, but with a twist! Who says only horses are on the merry-go-round? You’ll never guess what wild animals you might ride in this safari-themed carousel. Come ride this famous and unique merry-go-round featuring wildlife animals!

    This ride is composed of 60 kinds of wild and rare animals! Its amazing and unique colors, patterns, and details make it a great option for having a good time!

  2. Africa Tram

    Traveling to Africa has never been made easier with San Diego Zoo Safari Park, just hop on the tram and observe fantastic wildlife animals inside the park! See animals you never dreamt of meeting in real life. Don't be scared, you will be guided by a really smart tour guide who will give you instructions on how to approach these animals!

    Prepare your cameras, you are going to want to capture every moment! This safari ride will take you on another level of adventure! Get close to wildlife animals as you pass through the savanna habitats.

    Here are some of the animals you’ll see at the park – but keep in mind, there are many out there are many others waiting to meet you!

    • Southern White Rhino

    • West African Crowned Cranes

    • Zebras

    • Giraffes

  3. Balloon Safari

    If you like outdoor activities, why not try this Balloon Safari and ride with your family in this fantastic hot-air balloon? This will be an unforgettable family moment! Enjoy the incredible view while you soar the skies! You’ll be lucky enough to view the Safari Park from 400 feet above the ground!

    San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets
  4. Petting Kraal

    Feel like feeding the animals? Petting Kraal will give you the chance to do so! Don’t miss the opportunity to watch your kids while they encounter these cute and friendly goats!

    Kids can interact with each other and make new friends while helping out these furry friends!

  5. Play Areas

    San Diego Zoo Safari Park has much to offer you and your kids! Enjoy these all-new play areas where your children can make new friends!

    You might want to drop by the following play areas:

    • Village Playground – Ever imagined what an African Village looks like? If you haven't had the chance to see one, then why not drop by this all-new Village Playground at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and see what it's like in a real village from Africa! Keep in mind, this playground is located in the Nairobi Village.

    • Savanna Cool Zone – Bring your swimsuits and some extra clothes to try this Savanna Cool Zone. Immerse yourself in these sparkling palm trees that splash and cover your body with water! Truly refreshing on days when the hot weather is extreme. It's a perfect stop for your family!

    • Mawazo Jungle Gym – Just like lions, this playground makes you test your courage, strength, and power! Take your kids to Mawazo Jungle Gym and let them play in this fun safari-themed zone!

    • Tiger Trail Play Area – In this Tiger Trail Play Area, your kids will enjoy running and wandering around the tiger trail! This play area is suitable for kids and families – you can climb, slide, and hide! Make up your own rules as you play!

Dining Delights

Your safari adventure wouldn't be complete without indulging in some mouthwatering delights. Here are some of the dining options you can enjoy during your visit:

The Watering Hole at Kijami Overlook

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Imagine savoring delectable sandwiches, fresh salads, and refreshing beverages while gazing out at the awe-inspiring African Plains. It's an experience that combines culinary delights with wildlife wonder. Keep an eye out for majestic rhinos and graceful giraffes as you dine, and don't forget to explore the full-service bar for delightful drinks.

The Sheared Sheep at Walkabout Australia

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

For a unique dining experience, head over to The Sheared Sheep. Indulge in flavorful salads, wraps, or Australian-inspired snacks, perfectly complemented by specialty cocktails and refreshing craft beers. What makes this experience truly exceptional is the company of nearby tree kangaroos and cassowaries.

The Thorntree Terrace at Safari Base Camp

San Diego Safari Park discount tickets San Diego Safari Park discount tickets

Discover a culinary oasis beside the picturesque thorn tree at The Thorntree Terrace. Their menu includes many breakfast delights such as bagels and cinnamon rolls, along with a mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, burgers with fries, salads, fish and chips, kid's meals, and an array of refreshing beverages. Vegetarian and gluten-free food options are also available, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Shops to Explore at Safari Park

discount tickets discount tickets

No visit to the Safari Park is complete without a bit of shopping. Here are some of the places where you can find unique items and souvenirs with your discounted Safari Park ticket:

Safari Outfitters at Nairobi Village

Discover everything you need, from candies and snacks to stylish apparel, hats, and unique souvenirs at the Safari Outfitters entrance shop.

Safari Outfitters also offers convenient rentals for strollers, wheelchairs, and electronic conveyance vehicles such as scooters, making your visit even more comfortable and accessible!

Safari Photo

Capture the memories of your thrilling safari adventure with captivating photographs taken by one of our talented roaming photographers! These photos are the perfect way to remember your incredible day at the Safari Park.

Plant Trader at Safari Base Camp

Enhance your living space with garden decor and drought-tolerant plants carefully curated from the Plant Trader's collection. Take home a piece of the Safari Park and create your very own paradise in your backyard!

Village Market

With your Safari Park discount ticket, treat yourself to delightful candies, snacks, and a range of captivating toys. Hunting for that perfect personalized gift or a unique souvenir? They have just what you're looking for!


Step into the Bazaar and embark on a journey of discovery! Here, you'll find authentic African artifacts, mesmerizing jewelry, intriguing books, and chic home décor. Each item tells a story, making the Bazaar a destination in itself on your safari adventure!

Superb ways to have more fun at Safari Park!

Download the Safari Park App!

The San Diego Zoo, Safari Park App, has made planning a trip to the park easier than ever! Use the GPS-enabled map to find nearby restaurants, attractions, and other stops. Make the most of your trip and look up the daily schedule, add must-see wildlife to your day planner, and import tickets and memberships to the digital wallet. All these options are easily accessible with the app, so download it to enjoy your Safari Park adventure!

Safari Park Map

Experience the iconic illustrated map of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park from the comfort of your mobile device or print it out. Discover your favorite animals, make plans for your trip, and enjoy everything San Diego Zoo Safari Park has to offer. Use the map to quickly find your way to the park's restrooms, nursing stations, ATMs, and other cool places! Save time by downloading the map before your visit!

Guest Services at Safari Park

Safari Park is committed to ensuring your visit is comfortable and convenient. Their range of guest services, included in your San Diego discount ticket, are designed to enhance your experience! Discover the amenities they offer:

Nursing and First Aid Facilities

  • Nursing Area:

    In the Health Services office, you'll find a curtained area tailored for your nursing needs. The women's restrooms also include designated areas for nursing!

  • Diaper Changing Stations:

    You'll find these conveniently located in most restrooms, making it easier for you to care for your little ones.

Free Shuttle Service

Take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service on select days. This convenient service transports you from the Inspiration Point parking lot directly to the Safari Park entrance!

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Safari Park offers two EV charging stations for your use. Just ask a parking lot attendant for directions when you arrive.

(Note: A nominal fee applies for using these facilities and is not included in your discounted Safari Park ticket)

Mobility and Convenience Rentals

  • Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters:

    Available for your rental with a valid driver's license. These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early is recommended due to limited availability!

  • Strollers:

    Stroller rentals are available to make your visit with young children more comfortable.

You are also welcome to bring your own stroller, wheelchair, or electric scooters!

(Note: A rental fee applies for using these facilities and is not included in your discounted Safari Park ticket!)

Locker Facilities

You can use the outdoor lockers at Safari Park, providing a secure spot for storing your belongings while you explore!

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage is available for a fee at Safari Park. This service is perfect for reasonably sized luggage and is offered for same-day storage.

Lost and Found

If you misplace any items during your visit, don't worry. Simply reach out to our Guest Services Department to see if they have been found and submitted!

Recycling Services

Committed to environmental sustainability, the park provides recycling containers for aluminum cans and plastic bottles throughout the park!

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Need cash? You'll find ATMs conveniently located at the front entrance, right before the entrance turnstiles, as well as at Park Base and on the elevator deck!

Frequently Asked Questions about San Diego Zoo Safari Park

  1. Are reservations required to visit the park?

    No, reservations are not required. Your discount San Diego Safari Park tickets are valid for one year after the purchase date.

  2. Where is the park located?

    The park is located at 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92027-7017.

  3. How much are San Diego Safari Park tickets for adults?

    Get huge savings on discount adult San Diego Safari Park tickets from FunEx! Lowest ticket prices are guaranteed in FunEx.

  4. How much are San Diego Safari Park tickets for children?

    Get huge savings on discount child San Diego Safari Park tickets from FunEx! Lowest ticket prices are guaranteed in FunEx.

  5. Do children get into the park for free?

    Kids ages two and younger are allowed into the park for free.

  6. What are San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s operating hours?

    The park is typically open from 9 a.m. to either 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. depending on the time of year.

  7. Is there free parking?

    While the San Diego Zoo offers free parking, the Safari Park parking lot does have a parking fee.

  8. How much is parking at Safari Park?

    Parking costs differ per type of vehicle. Preferred parking is available on some weekends and holidays weather permitting on a first-come, first-served basis.

  9. How soon do I receive my San Diego Safari Park tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your discount San Diego Safari Park tickets instantly right after your purchase along with your receipt!

  10. Do I have to print my San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets?

    No, through FunEx, you can just show your discount San Diego Safari Park tickets on your phone for easy entry.

  11. Does FunEx really have the lowest prices in the industry?

    Of course! In fact, FunEx’s discount tickets are cheaper than AAA and Costco prices! FunEx is one of the largest authorized resellers of discount tickets across 12 states, and we give great deals and exclusive savings to our valued customers – no catch! Our discount tickets cannot be beaten!

  12. How close can a visitor get to animals in the park?

    You can get close enough to feel them breathe!

  13. Which animals should I expect to see at the park?

    You can expect to see African rhinos, pelicans, antelopes, kangaroos, giraffes, bald eagles, cheetahs, gorillas, flamingos, lions, ostriches, herons, elephants, and many others.

  14. Is the San Diego Zoo the same as Safari Park?

    The San Diego Zoo is not a part of Safari Park. The total distance between the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo is 33 miles, and it takes about 35-40 minutes to travel from one to the other.

  15. How can my kids have fun at the park?

    Besides going on safaris to see all the amazing wildlife, kids can have fun in the four play areas of the park—the Village Playground, the Mawazo Jungle Gym, the Savanna Cool Zone, and the Tiger Trail Play Area.

  16. What shopping options are available at the park?

    The shopping options include Safari Outfitters, Safari Photos, Plant Trader, Bazaar, Village Market, Rift Gifts, Macan Market, Sheared Sheep Shop, and many others.

  17. What dining options are available at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

    The dining options available at the park include the Watering Hole at Kijamii Overlook, the Sheared Sheep, Barking Deer Pizza and Beer, Mombasa Cooker, Oasis Deli, Mawazo Kitchen, Safari Coffee Outpost, and other places as well. You can try their funnel cakes, stuffed pretzels, coffee, mini donuts, hot dogs, burgers, salads, chicken tenders, paninis, wine, beer, nachos, sandwiches, fudge, Asian cuisine, pizza, etc!

  18. Can I bring outside food and beverages into the park?

    Yes, visitors are allowed to bring outside food in the park but only in small containers that do not require refrigeration. Straws and glass are not permitted.

  19. Can I bring alcohol inside the park?

    No, outside alcohol is not allowed, but you can purchase beer, wine, and cocktails from some of the food stops and restaurants inside the park.

  20. Can guests outside the San Diego area visit the park?

    Yes, everybody with a San Diego Zoo Safari Park ticket is welcome at the park.

  21. Can I have my wedding at the park?

    Yes, you can arrange to have your wedding at the park.

  22. Are there any programs for teens and high school students at the park?

    Yes, children and teens can attend the Summer Camps and Conservation Corps, which is a program for high school students who are interested in conservation, public speaking, science, and community service.

  23. Does the park have lockers for guests?


  24. Is there an ATM inside the park?

    Yes, there are ATMs at the park’s entrance, on the elevator deck, and at Park Base.

  25. Can I rent a stroller for my kids at the park?

    Yes, single and double strollers are available to rent on a first-come first-served basis.

  26. How much are stroller rentals?

    Rental for single strollers and double strollers may be found on the official website of Safari Park.

  27. Are pets allowed inside the park?

    No, pets and emotional support animals are not allowed inside the park, but service animals are.

  28. Does the park offer wheelchair and ECV rentals?

    Yes, wheelchairs and ECVs are available for visitors to rent for a small fee on a first-come, first-served basis.

  29. How much are wheelchair and ECV rentals?

    Wheelchair rentails and ECV rentals vary. Please check the official website for updated pricing.

  30. Does the park have access for visitors with physical disabilities?

    Yes, the park provides complimentary shuttles to help visitors with disabilities. Their Guest Services also provides a packet that gives more information on these types of services.

  31. Will there be a temperature check at the park entrance?

    No, but the park recommends the guests stay home if they are ill.

  32. Do I need to wear a face mask during my visit?

    Masks are recommended for all visitors indoors and required indoors for those who are ages two and up who are unvaccinated.

  33. Does the park require proof of COVID-19 vaccination?

    No, they do not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

  34. Does San Diego Zoo Safari Park only allow vaccinated visitors?

    No, unvaccinated visitors are allowed as well, but they are required to wear their masks while indoors.

  35. How can I contact the park?

    For further questions, you can contact them at +1 619-231-1515. If you want to avoid a long wait time, you can always call/text FunEx at 949-367-1900 or email us at for prompt service and assistance with making your reservation and resolving your concerns.

More Tips About San Diego Safari Park

  • Don’t worry if you hear people refer to the park by its old name, San Diego Wild Animal Park, or the Escondido Wild Animal Park.

  • If you plan to visit the park twice, do not buy two separate 1-Day San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets; instead, choose the 2-Visit Passes.

  • You can enjoy further savings when you bundle your San Diego Safari Park tickets with discount tickets to other theme parks in San Diego.

  • Tours at the park are called "safaris" and are at an additional cost to your general admission.

  • The park is the world's largest veterinary hospital, home to a Frozen Zoo. Their research is shared with organizations worldwide to help save native species.


With all the wild animals, adventures, attractions, and fun activities that your whole family can explore at the park, the price is totally worth it, especially if you and your kids are wildlife fans, not to mention the great food options they offer.

A 1-Day Pass is already enough to cover and experience the whole park for some, but for families who want to indulge and get the most of their experience, you will need at least two days to explore the vast park.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our San Diego Safari Park tickets and prices that we at FunEx offer at 949-367-1900 or

Last updated November 17, 2023.

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