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Overview of Magic Bus San Francisco

Rediscover San Francisco in the eyes of the hippies! Be back to the 60s and experience the Summer of Love, brought to you by the tour’s hippie hostess! Tune in, turn on, and rock out on this amazing and informational tour around the Golden City with your discount tickets.

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Magic Bus Tour San Francisco

Image Description: In this photo, we see an individual expressing joy with a peace sign gesture, leaning out of a bus window. The bus has a retro design, featuring a vibrant yellow color with what appears to be a blue and purple wave pattern on the side. The person is wearing purple circular sunglasses, a patterned headband, and a purple top, giving off a cheerful, hippie vibe. Their hair is curly and reddish in color, complementing the upbeat and colorful aesthetic of the scene. is committed to bringing you the best experiences at the lowest prices, so don't miss out on our exclusive discounts on tickets to make your next adventure as memorable as a peace sign out of a vintage bus window.

This Magic Bus Tour San Francisco includes a 2-hour San Francisco History Tour, fresh flower on your hair, a small take-home gift, a full-color program with timeline, and 3D glasses!

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Also get to visit the following places with your Magic Bus Tour San Francisco tickets:

This image features a joyous individual dressed in retro, hippie-inspired attire, complete with a headband, sunglasses, and a peace sign necklace. The person is standing inside a vehicle, possibly a bus, with an open window, through which sunlight and greenery are visible. The subject's expression is one of delight and excitement as they lean slightly out the window, mouth open as if cheering or laughing. A yellow flower is tucked behind their ear, complementing their red-tinted round sunglasses and adding to the festive vibe of their outfit.

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  • Union Square and Geary Street
  • Chinatown and Grant Avenue
  • North Beach and Upper Grant Avenue
  • Financial District & Mongomery Street
  • Fillmore Dance Hall and Market Street
  • Haight Ashbury
  • More Magical Haight

Magic Bus San Francisco Discount Tickets

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    Student General Admission

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    Adult Admission

    (ages 18-65)

    Discounted Price $55.00