Park Opening Date: 05/18/2024

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Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Children aged two and under receive free admission. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Weekday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Monday - Friday public operating day thru Oct 27, 2024.
  • Weekend: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Saturday or Sunday thru Oct 27, 2024.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

Image of a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Escape. The left side shows the coaster in a loop with a blue sky background. The right side displays a train of riders upside down on an arch of the track amidst greenery and clouds. The ride features orange tracks with blue supports. A vibrant orange and blue roller coaster twists against a bright sky. In the left, the coaster dives in a tight loop, while on the right it banks sharply over green trees. The thrill ride showcases engineering designed for excitement.

What's In Six Flags Great Escape?

You won't have any spare time to think when you're busy having fun at Six Flags Great Escape! Indulge yourself by taking a magical journey in the park and trying out the 50 superb rides with your family. A wide range of restaurants are available to keep your tummy full and energy up with their delicious snacks and meals.

Reach incredible speeds of up to 192 feet into the air before dropping down at an incredible speed with Sasquatch, cool down from the summer heat by hopping onto an adventure on the Raging River, and swing around with friendly bumble bees in Oakley's Honey Swings! Buy your Six Flags Great Escape discount tickets through FunEx today and experience an incredible adventure!

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Image shows an amusement park ride in mid-motion with thrilled riders. The ride is a complex mechanical structure with multiple arms extending from a central point, each arm ending in a row of secured seats. It's a sunny day and trees surround the area, giving a glimpse of nature amidst the excitement. Visitors enjoy a thrilling ride on a large, spinning amusement park attraction on a sunny day. The ride is composed of multiple arms with seats, tilting and rotating simultaneously amidst green trees.

Special Events at Six Flags Great Escape

You will have so much fun at the Great Escape! There will be many events and rides to enjoy! Yummy food and beverages will be served by popular restaurants at the venue, and you can also visit several shops that offer fantastic merchandise and gifts for you and your family.

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School Appreciation Days

Want to take your classroom to new heights? Then School Appreciation Day at Great Escape will be the perfect event for you! Visit on any of the following dates: May 26th and June 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 19th to enjoy special school rates, meal packages, and super fun activities! More details are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned!

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Girl Scout Day

Get ready for June 3rd 2023: It's Girl Scout Day! Enjoy a great time while your daughters have fun and show off their skills as a scout. Exclusive and fun activities are going to be hosted down in Northwood's Picnic Grove and a lunch buffet will also be served.

Tickets are only available online until May 28th but worry not - FunEx has got you covered! Buy your discount Six Flags Great Escape tickets from FunEx at a discounted price today and have an incredible time!

Image shows a vibrant amusement park setting with two rides. On the left, a balloon-themed Ferris wheel with colorful gondolas suspended in the air. To the right, visitors enjoy a roller coaster, hands raised in excitement as their car descends along the track. Trees line the background under a clear sky. Side-by-side images of amusement park rides at Great Escape. On the left, a balloon race ride with colorful hot-air balloon baskets mid-flight against trees. On the right, thrilled guests with arms raised ride a small roller coaster with an orange track, surrounded by green foliage.

What rides can be found at Six Flags Great Escape?

With over 24 family-friendly rides, 11 thrill rides, and 15 water rides, you can let loose and laugh with your group and create fun, lasting memories with them. There's a ride for everyone at the park.

This is a great way to spend time with people you cherish. Make sure to buy your discount tickets from FunEx at the lowest prices to save money!

Alice in Wonderland

Does this name ring a bell to you? Walk through one of the classic childhood fantasies with your little ones and meet everyone's favorite characters including - Alice, the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts in person! Take a step through the tree's door and experience the tale for yourself; a discount ticket from FunEx will surely be worth the price.

The Comet

Love feeling the thrill? The Great Escape will offer its wild, massive, gut-wrenching ride, The Comet! Scream your heart out from excitement as you blast through the skies with this wooden coaster that soars like a comet.

Experience this record-breaking ride with friends if you dare! Buy your discount tickets from FunEx and have an unforgettable thrill at a discounted price.

Bamboo Shoots

Want to beat the summer heat? Get your bathing suit ready and hop in on this unpredictable water ride! This water slide is an all-in-one: fast speed, crazy twists and curves, breathtaking drops, and elevation changes. There's no better way to refresh and get thrills.

Take a break from the heat and have some refreshing fun with your friends this summer, as FunEx offers discount tickets at the lowest prices to save you money.

Canyon Blaster

Taking you back to the good old days, this classic family coaster will take you on an incredible adventure through the rapid curves and bends that will blow your mind! Hop on in one of the mine cars and experience the maximum thrill on this ride!

Purchase your Six Flags Great Escape tickets through FunEx to experience the ultimate fun at a low price, guaranteed!

Big Kahuna

“The boss” or “Big Shot” in surfing slang, Big Kahuna will let you hurl yourself into a mind-boggling spiral and launch hard into an ocean-like vortex spin! This 100 foot long tunnel will show you who's boss, all while creating unforgettable memory for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags Great Escape

  1. Are reservations required for Six Flags Great Escape tickets?

    Reservations are not required, but it is highly recommended to purchase your FunEx discount tickets online to save money and time.

  2. Is there parking?

    Don't forget to buy your parking pass online before visiting. Six Flags does not accept cash and will only accept card payments.

  3. Where is the Great Escape located?

    You can find the park at 1172 State Route 9, Queensbury, NY 12804. Remember to purchase and bring your discounted tickets from FunEx before going!

  4. Is smoking prohibited inside?

    Six Flags maintains a smoke-free environment in all park areas except for the designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes are also only usable in said designated areas, while marijuana is prohibited at any time and area.

  5. Are selfie sticks allowed?

    Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices are not allowed inside The Great Escape.

  6. Can weather affect the park's operating status?

    Yes. As guest safety is the number one priority, the park might close earlier than scheduled or remain closed due to certain weather circumstances.

  7. What are the height requirements for the roller coasters?

    The height requirements vary for each ride. They are listed in the Park Map & Guide that you'll receive at the venue.

  8. Are pets permitted at the Great Escape?

    Only service animals that accompany the visually and hearing impaired are allowed entrance. Other pets are not permitted inside the park.

  9. Can I bring my own food and drinks into the Great Escape?

    Only guests who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and infant food are allowed to bring outside food into the park. The containers must be non-glass. Park Security or Guest Relations will need to be notified to provide a stamp when these are accepted.

  10. Can I re-enter the park if I leave for some reason on the same day?

    Yes, but you have to get your hand stamped at the exit gate. When you come back, you must enter through the main entrance turnstiles and show your hand stamp for re-entry. Without your hand stamp re-entry will not be permitted.

  11. How soon will I get my Six Flags Great Escape tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your discount Six Flags Great Escape tickets in your email instantly after your purchase, along with your receipt.

Last updated Mar 01, 2024.