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Get ready to experience all the fun and excitement that Six Flags Magic Mountain has to offer! Six Flags is home to more than 100 attractions, including some of the largest, most intense roller coasters in the world. One of these, Full Throttle, has the distinction of being the tallest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world at 160 feet tall and goes from zero to 70 miles per hour within seconds! Another roller coaster in the park, Goliath, really lives up to its name. It has 4,500 feet of track and one of the longest and fastest drops in the world at 255 feet and 85 miles per hour. That really is goliath!

For those who are not roller coaster fans, there are all kinds of other exhilarating rides, such as Buccaneer, a swinging ship; Roaring Rapids, where visitors go white water rafting around rocks and through whirlpools; and more! There are also rides for kids, including Canyon Blaster and Daffy's Adventure Tours. Book now to experience the magic and adventure for yourself!

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Location: 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, Los Angeles, CA, 91355. Phone:(661) 255-4100

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