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Offer Includes:

  • FREE hot breakfast served family style, daily*
  • Self-parking at your hotel (or upgrade to valet parking for only $30 a night)
  • Nightly themed entertainment including dance parties, shows, and storytime
  • Separate kids' sleeping area in EVERY room
  • Interactive treasure hunt with LEGO gift for the kids
  • Creative workshop room to build with LEGO
  • Indoor play areas, arcade, and fitness center
  • Kid-friendly amenities in every room including a LEGO building area, second in-room TV, and bathroom with handheld shower head
  • Seasonal resort-style pool (open Mermorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend)
Promotional banner highlighting a limited-time offer for up to 55% off on LEGOLAND tickets. Features an animated family on a LEGO-themed ride, expressing joy and excitement. Bright colors with a prominent 'Buy Now' button to the right. Promotional banner with text stating save up to 55% on LEGOLAND tickets. A family is joyfully riding a LEGO-themed roller coaster with LEGO figures in the foreground. A 'Buy Now' button is visible, and there's a 'Limited Time Offer' alert in the upper left corner. The background shows colorful theme park imagery with dynamic lines suggesting motion and excitement.

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Entrance of LEGOLAND Hotel with colorful Lego brick designs and playful Lego figures. Visitors, including a child interacting with a Lego character, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere under a clear sky. The hotel facade showcases bright, multicolored patterns evoking a fun and lively ambiance. Entrance of Legoland with colorful Lego brick structures and figures. A happy crowd is gathered at the gate under a clear sky. The Legoland Hotel features prominently in the background with its vibrant, multi-colored facade.

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Promotional banner highlighting a limited-time offer for up to 55% off on LEGOLAND tickets. Features an animated family on a LEGO-themed ride, expressing joy and excitement. Bright colors with a prominent 'Buy Now' button to the right. Promotional banner with text stating save up to 55% on LEGOLAND tickets. A family is joyfully riding a LEGO-themed roller coaster with LEGO figures in the foreground. A 'Buy Now' button is visible, and there's a 'Limited Time Offer' alert in the upper left corner. The background shows colorful theme park imagery with dynamic lines suggesting motion and excitement.

Step into a world crafted from the colorful bricks of imagination at LEGOLAND New York Hotel, now offering an exhilarating 10% discount through FunEx! Perfectly positioned at the gateway to LEGOLAND New York Resort, this hotel is a wonderland for families and dreamers of all ages.

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A Haven for Your Kids!

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Visit the LEGOLAND New York Hotel and experience an amazing overnight experience that you and your kids will enjoy!

A Short History

Image shows a smiling child in a yellow top posing playfully with a large LEGO figurine dressed as a knight outside the colorful LEGOLAND Hotel. Bright blue skies and a parking area in the background complement the cheerful setting. Image of a child smiling with raised hand, standing in front of a giant colorful Lego figure depicting a character dressed in red and blue, with a sword at a LEGO themed park. The background shows bright structures and clear blue sky. The LEGO logo is evident.

After four years of construction, LEGOLAND New York became fully functional on July 9, 2021. It is a very popular attraction for families who are looking to have a great time! What are you waiting for? You will have so much fun!

The LEGOLAND New York Hotel is the latest addition to the LEGOLAND family of theme parks and resorts to provide an immersive Lego experience to its guests. Enjoy Lego-themed rooms, character meet-and-greets, in-room treasure hunts, and unique building areas where kids can play with LEGO bricks in a separate play space from the parent's bedroom.

The Hotels provide families with a memorable, immersive experience that goes beyond the walls of theme parks, serving as a tribute to the LEGO brand's dedication to encouraging creativity and imagination.

Book your LEGOLAND New York Hotel discount reservation today and stay in unique, luxurious, and comfortable accommodations that support the brand's unique blend of entertainment, education, and creativity in New York. Continue the magic by having a fun day at the park and enjoy all the themed rooms, interactive play areas, and other entertaining activities that Lego fans will love!

Why Choose LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Convenient Distance from the theme park

Make every second count and book the hotel that's nearest to the theme park! LEGOLAND New York Hotel is just a few steps from the theme park's entrance. Whether you want to unwind, or are looking for a very fun day, this hotel offers the convenience and comfort to make your stay stress-free!

Complimentary Breakfasts

Wake up to a complimentary hot, tasty breakfast every day you stay in this hotel! Choose your favorites on a platter and indulge in various breakfast classics, including scrambled eggs and pancakes. Wash everything down with your chosen beverage!

Have Fun with The In-Room Treasure Hunts

Two children are sitting on a bed covered with colorful LEGO bricks at the LEGOLAND Hotel. They are both smiling - one is building, and the other looks excitedly at their companion. The room has a warm, wooden interior with a striped canopy overhead. The bed has a pirate-themed cushion. The LEGO and LEGOLAND Hotel logos are visible. Two children are joyfully playing with LEGO bricks on a bed. The room has a playful decor reminiscent of a LEGO theme, with a striped wall in the background. The boy, wearing a red shirt, and the girl, in a white blouse, both appear engaged and happy sharing a creative moment. The Legoland logo is visible, suggesting this is a themed accommodation.

LEGOLAND Hotel is the perfect place for kids. The young ones will have so much fun finding clues, riddles, and prompts ingeniously added to the room's decor, contributing to the continuity of the room's theme throughout the hunt.

With your LEGOLAND New York Hotel discount reservation, kids will have the chance to join these scavenger hunts, pretend to be a detective and start searching for clues in the room, or even be surprised when they find hidden compartments. These games will test their creativity, logic, and keen observation skills.

The treasure hunt is not meant solely for kids! It is a collaborative experience encouraging families to work together and team up to win the prize waiting at the end of the hunt.

Kids' Separate Sleeping Area

The image shows a vibrant Legoland Hotel room with a playful theme. On the left, a wall-mounted TV sits above a red cabinet with LEGO figurines. To the right, bunk beds with a black frame are adorned with colorful bedding featuring LEGO designs. The back wall is a large mural with an animated underwater scene with a painted character and sea life. The Legoland Hotel logo is visible at the bottom left. Image displays a colorful Legoland-themed hotel room. The left side shows a large Lego figure beside a shelving unit with assorted items. The right side reveals bunk beds with green and red linens. Art of an animated tornado occupies the connecting wall, adding a playful touch to the room's vibrant atmosphere.

The theme park did not forget about the parents that want to relax while their kids had fun in semi-private, child-friendly rooms. With its commitment to creating a kid-centric experience, the room is architecturally designed and thoughtfully crafted for kids.

Each room has a TV, allowing kids to watch their favorite LEGO show, building stations, or related gaming areas. For safety considerations, the quarters also have child-friendly furniture with rounded edges, nightlights, and provides easy accessibility for parents.

Evening Adventures for Kids

Your kids will enjoy their tickets to the fullest as the hotel offers nighttime activities for young guests. Depending on the day, the hotel may offer LEGO building competitions, character meet-and-greets, storytelling sessions, magic shows, interactive games, dance parties, themed nights, movie nights, workshops with master builders, and even pajama parties.

Consult the theme park's website and check the available night-time activities during your visit to make the most of your discounted tickets!

A Wide Variety of Lego-themed Rooms

Image shows a vibrant Legoland Hotel room with a ninja theme. The walls feature colorful murals with Ninjago characters, and the room includes a plush double bed with themed beddings. A LEGO-style weapon hangs above a bunk bed, and there's a desk area with a chair. A large window provides natural light, completing the playful atmosphere. The image shows a vibrant Legoland themed hotel room with a large bed in the center featuring red and white linens with a circular Lego-inspired emblem. The room has yellow walls adorned with ninja and Oriental-themed artwork. There are Lego models above the bed and a desk area to the side. The décor creates an immersive experience for guests.

Let your imagination soar and choose to in a themed room according to your mood and preference! This hotel offers many different room themes: LEGO® NINJAGO®, Kingdom, Pirate, and LEGO Friends. Choose your preferred theme and discover amenities in each room that make it unique from others.

After booking your LEGOLAND New York Hotel discount reservation, check out the LEGOLAND New York Hotel rooms in advance! Let other family members help you decide which room to take.

Essential Packing List for Your Stay at LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Two children play with large, colorful building blocks by a pool in front of the vibrant, multicolored Legoland Hotel. The sky is partly cloudy, and the pool area is adorned with bright umbrellas and loungers, reflecting a cheerful, family-friendly atmosphere. Image of two joyful children playing with large colorful interlocking blocks by a pool at Legoland Resort Hotel. They are waist-deep in water, with a bright building facade and a cloudy sky in the background.

Staying at LEGOLAND New York Hotel promises a fun and immersive LEGO-themed experience. Make the most of your LEGOLAND New York Hotel discount reservations and ensure a hassle-free stay at the hotel. Here's a suggested list of items to help you out.

Travel Essentials

Booking Confirmation

Whether it is a printed or digital ticket, you must bring this document to the front desk to access the hotel. Here's some good news. Tickets purchased from us do not need printed copies. Flash your phone with the e-ticket to the hotel personnel, and you are good to go.

Photo Identification

Always bring your valid ID with your photo attached to it for confirmation.

Credit/debit cards

Bring your credit or debit card with you the whole time to enjoy the hotel and the resort, just in case you want to purchase souvenirs, food and drinks, or other items.

Clothing and Personal Items

Comfortable Clothing

Enjoy all the treasure hunts, playrooms, and other amenities that are available for guests! Bringing comfortable clothing with you at the hotel ensures never-ending fun and spontaneity as you switch from one activity to another.

Bring your favorite swimwear to take advantage of the pool or water play area anytime! Wearing comfortable footwear also ensures your legs' health as you explore the hotel and theme park.

Also, don't forget to bring your toiletries. While hotels often provide essential items, having your own, especially any specialty products you might need, is always a good idea.

Must-Bring Items for Kids

Favorite Lego Sets

Though it is a Lego world, your child might have a particular set they want to bring.


Capture picture-perfect moments in the play areas, and let your kids wear costumes! Costumes are also essential during a themed night or event.


The hotel allows snacks and other small and well-packed items in the hotel and the resort. Your kid might want to munch their favorite snacks between play time and rides. Bringing these items may prevent them from getting hungry or cranky!

Tech and Entertainment Essentials

Camera or Smartphone

It's not every day that you and your family go to LEGOLAND. Capture every special moment with a fully-charged camera or smartphone. Check these gadgets in advance before including them in your luggage.

A family enjoys a pirate-themed room at LEGOLAND Hotel. A child wearing a pirate hat stands on a bed with red and white stripes, holding a sword. Another child kneels with a shield. An adult cheers on, and another grins while watching the playful scene. Cabin-like walls add to the adventurous ambiance. Image features a family enjoying a pirate-themed room at LEGOLAND. Two children dressed as pirates play, one with a steering wheel, as their smiling parents join in the fun. The room is decorated with red and white stripes and wooden accents, enhancing the playful adventure atmosphere.

Chargers and Power Bank

Always be ready and bring your chargers! Don't worry. The hotel and the resort have available charging areas. Meanwhile, power banks are handy essentials, ensuring you can use your gadgets the whole time.

Tablet or Entertainment for Downtime

Children might miss their devices and want to play their favorite online games during breaks. Make sure these devices are fully charged so you can use them anytime.

Health And Safety Essentials

Prescription Medication

Put your mind at ease and continue managing your and your loved ones' health while enjoying the hotel. Bringing prescription meds (in case someone is on an ongoing medical treatment) paves the way for consistent health management so you won't compromise your family's health.

First Aid Kit

Your kids will be physically involved in the treasure hunts. In the case of minor accidents, a first aid kit can help you efficiently address your kid's condition.

Hand sanitizer and Masks

We still strongly advise you to bring these essentials, especially in crowded places of the resort. Having them with you prepares you for changes in health guidelines and hotel protocols.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Itinerary or Plans

A detailed itinerary may let you execute all the activities you look forward to doing with your family. You may want to refer to your itinerary to avoid missing anything on the list.

Notebook and Pen

Are you keeping a journal? Notebooks and pens are go-to essentials when jotting down any details or memories.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags will allow you to organize your things better. It would be best if you also had these bags in case you bring home souvenirs.

Before traveling, it's always a good idea to check directly with the hotel or refer to its latest advisory for specific requirements. The website will inform you of seasonal events, updates, or amenities that may influence your packing. Make and follow your checklist and enjoy your stay with your LEGOLAND New York Hotel discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find the LEGOLAND New York Hotel?

    The hotel is just a few steps away from the theme park. It is at 1 LEGOLAND Wy, Goshen, NY 10924, USA.

    LEGOLAND New York owners and planners chose Goshen, New York, for its proximity to the Big Apple. It is also close to many families residing in the Northeastern United States. LEGOLAND New York nestles on a 500-plus acre site, making it one of the largest LEGOLAND theme parks worldwide!

  2. Is breakfast included in my ticket?

    Yes. Every guest at the hotel is entitled to a complimentary hot breakfast daily. Enjoy a family-style platter that includes Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes, Fruit Bowl, Waffles, Biscuits and Gravy.

    The breakfast platter also includes beverages: Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice, or Milk. Take note: you cannot enjoy a complimentary breakfast on the day of check-in.

  3. Is it worthwhile to stay at the hotel?

    You will enjoy your stay at the theme park hotel all the way! We guarantee that! Book your tickets now and stay in fully-themed LEGOLAND Hotel accommodations. Enjoy the following during your stay:

    • Complimentary hot breakfast daily
    • Self-parking
    • Separate sleeping areas for kids in every hotel room
    • Daily in-room treasure hunts and adventures that come with free Lego souvenir
    • Seasonal resort-style pool (Watch out for date announcements on pool reopening)
    • Free access to amenities to keep the fun going at night. These amenities and entertainment include play areas, dance parties, and storytime!

    Avoid stress and book tickets at a hotel nearest to the theme park! This is an extra convenience you won't be able to get from other hotels!

  4. What age groups will enjoy a trip to LEGOLAND, New York?

    Children ages 2-12 will enjoy the theme park. Guests of all ages may look forward to attractions such as the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride (Indoor Dark Ride), LEGO NINJAGO The Ride (Interactive Indoor Dark Ride), The Dragon (Dark Ride & Roller Coaster), Splash Battle (Water Ride), and MINILAND USA.

  5. Are park tickets included in a Vacation Package?

    Yes. Every vacation package comes with park tickets. Meanwhile, the number of park visits depends on the length of stay in the hotel. Park tickets allow guests to access seasonal events such as the Brick-or-Treat and Holiday Bricktacular.

    Check out LEGOLAND New York's Opening Hour pages for updated schedules and dates of seasonal events.

  6. Can I still enjoy LEGOLAND New York Hotel without going to the theme park?

    Yes! You can enjoy the hotel and theme park separately! Would you like to visit the theme park soon? Contact us today to enjoy privileges and discounts on LEGOLAND tickets!

  7. Does LEGOLAND New York Hotel accept cash?

    The hotel and the rest of LEGOLAND Resort accept cashless payments. The hotel staff only accepts credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay. Meanwhile, you can access three Cash-to-Card Machines to quickly convert cash into a prepaid card that functions as a VISA card through the Resort.

  8. Does the hotel offer free Wi-Fi access?

    Yes, your ticket entitles you to access the hotel's Wi-Fi connection.

  9. Are there nearby wheelchairs for rent?

    Yes, the Mini Market next to Guest Services offers wheelchairs and ECVs for rent.

  10. What time does the hotel start receiving guests for check-in?

    Guests are welcome anytime. Meanwhile, check-in starts at 4:00 PM, and check-out is at 11:00 AM.

  11. Can I charge my car at the hotel?

    Yes. The hotel offers two charging stations in Lot B. You can find it toward the front of the lot, on the far side. Additionally, you can find four charging stations in the hotel parking lot and two in the handicapped spots in front of the pool. There are two more along the retaining wall side of the lot. The hotel only allows car charging for up to two hours. Overnight charging is strictly prohibited.

  12. Is there a safe in the hotel rooms?

    Yes. You may store your valuables in a safe. The hotel provides a safe in all rooms.

  13. When can I use the hotel pool?

    The dates of when the hotel pool is accessible may vary. Always check the hotel's website for the latest updates.

  14. Can I enjoy valet parking at the hotel?

    Enjoy valet parking at the hotel for $30 per day.

  15. What is the treasure chest's Lego prize theme?

    There is no way of knowing what the prize will be. There is no specific theme, it's a surprise! Be ready to be amazed on your treasure hunt!

Last updated June 10, 2024.

LEGOLAND® Hotel New York Tickets

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