Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific outdoor areas remain open! These areas include Harbor Terrace, Shark Lagoon, Lorikeet Forest, Our Water Future, Steelhead Story, Molina Animal Care Center, June Keyes Penguin Habitat, Ray Habitat and Seals and Sea Lions Habitat. The Moon Jelly, Shark Lagoon and Ray Touch areas are also open for touching. The gift store and some food service is also available.

In addition, the Aquarium’s Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific exhibit has been transformed into Our Water Future, an interactive space to help visitors understand where our water comes from and what conservation issues our supply faces now and in the future.

The Aquarium has added an exhibit featuring archerfish on the Harbor Terrace overlooking Rainbow Harbor. The exhibit is located next to the mudskipper exhibit outside the Aquarium’s classrooms across from the Moon Jelly Touch Lab. Archerfish have the ability to spit a jet of water above the surface as a method of hunting insects and other prey.

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Health & Safety Measures

For more info and our safety protocols, please visit our Aquarium Safety page.

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